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How to Improve FeedWordPress

FeedWordPress Logo

FeedWordPress is probably the best free plugin to grab articles from WordPress RSS feeds. Syndication is not the best practice, but it suits the needs of a client and their site network.

With WP_DEBUG enabled, the plugin does show strict standards warnings on newer versions of PHP. The author did add hooks, so we can make some changes in functions.php without editing the plugin.

The worst issue found was with Categories and Tags. WordPress RSS feeds have no differentiation between taxonomies, they are all listed as follows: <category><![CDATA[ Taxonomy ]]></category>. We could have customised the feeds, but then the functionality wouldn’t be compatible with other WordPress sites. The best way around this, is to have your own local Categories, and assign all that don’t match as Tags.

This then brings me to the option Don’t syndicate posts unless they match at least one local Category’. The option doesn’t work. As you can imagine it leads to articles importing without a category assigned, not even ‘Uncategorized’. Without any category at all, these posts don’t display on the website and clutter your archive. The best workaround I could think of to keep these articles useful, was to assign the WordPress default category (or one you desire) as they import.

The next issue is that sometimes the excerpts from the RSS feed have a Read More link. We’ll need to strip that out to prevent display issues on our website.

FeedWordPress has a nasty habit of syndicating duplicate posts when tapped into multiple feeds. So lets just move them to trash on import.

Lastly, we don’t want search engines to index these articles, they aren’t original content on our website. I also make use of Yoast WordPress SEO, we’ll use that to our advantage.

As you can see, we managed to get around our FeedWordPress issues without needing to modify a single line of code in a plugin. Maybe this will help you do something similar. I do hope the author will eventually update the plugin to improve the situation.

WordPress 3.6, Read More Links Broken

My WordPress sites updated to 3.6 pretty smoothly.

Read More links for post excerpts are not being output by functions.php.

The fix is simple. Just change … to &hellip; in the filter.

WordPress Pagination Breaks when Custom Posts are Included in the Query

I’ve been using All-in-One Event Calender for a recent client project. They would like to show both recent blog posts and ai1ec_event (custom) posts in one blog feed style page.


If I disable pagination (increase the limit) they all display fine, but as soon as I enable pagination I see 404 when I try to access page 3, sometimes I can get page 2 to work. You would think if pagination was not working it would 404 on page 2 every time.

Here is the query I was trying.

After a few days of persistent searching, I found a similar solution for custom post types. It turned out to be a WordPress 3.4 bug.

The below code needs to be added to your functions.php if you are experiencing this bug. What triggered me to believe it isn’t the plugin, was that pagination worked fine in the search result output.

Hopefully this helps a few people.