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Stay logged in with WordPress on Subdomains

A clients site performs some magic to show different content per subdomain. By default each subdomain asks you to login, which is a bit annoying. It would be convenient if admins of a single WordPress installation could stay logged in when they jump between subdomains. Due to unique requirements, we’re doing this without WordPress Multisite.

I found that all we needed to do was set the cookie domain and path in wp-config.php. At first it seemed only COOKIE_DOMAIN and COOKIEPATH would be needed, but it did not behave until COOKIEHASH was also set. You could probably set it to anything you like, I just had a defined variable already.

This may also work between WordPress installations across subdomains. I haven’t tested this theory. Both installations would require the same login details and this config. It is working with WordPress versions 3.8+.

How to Improve FeedWordPress

FeedWordPress Logo

FeedWordPress is probably the best free plugin to grab articles from WordPress RSS feeds. Syndication is not the best practice, but it suits the needs of a client and their site network.

With WP_DEBUG enabled, the plugin does show strict standards warnings on newer versions of PHP. The author did add hooks, so we can make some changes in functions.php without editing the plugin.

The worst issue found was with Categories and Tags. WordPress RSS feeds have no differentiation between taxonomies, they are all listed as follows: <category><![CDATA[ Taxonomy ]]></category>. We could have customised the feeds, but then the functionality wouldn’t be compatible with other WordPress sites. The best way around this, is to have your own local Categories, and assign all that don’t match as Tags.

This then brings me to the option Don’t syndicate posts unless they match at least one local Category’. The option doesn’t work. As you can imagine it leads to articles importing without a category assigned, not even ‘Uncategorized’. Without any category at all, these posts don’t display on the website and clutter your archive. The best workaround I could think of to keep these articles useful, was to assign the WordPress default category (or one you desire) as they import.

The next issue is that sometimes the excerpts from the RSS feed have a Read More link. We’ll need to strip that out to prevent display issues on our website.

FeedWordPress has a nasty habit of syndicating duplicate posts when tapped into multiple feeds. So lets just move them to trash on import.

Lastly, we don’t want search engines to index these articles, they aren’t original content on our website. I also make use of Yoast WordPress SEO, we’ll use that to our advantage.

As you can see, we managed to get around our FeedWordPress issues without needing to modify a single line of code in a plugin. Maybe this will help you do something similar. I do hope the author will eventually update the plugin to improve the situation.


Some people may recognise me as the rejetto forum admin TSG, or from the official HFS facebook page that I created.

HTTP File Server Logo

8 years ago I was introduced to HTTP File Server by flynsarmy. HFS is a simple open source server application for Windows. I found the application to be a useful tool for practicing web design and programming. HFS still finds a place on my hard drive to this day. It is one of the easiest ways to share and access your files remotely.

After submitting a couple of templates, I began working with Giant Eagle. Richard was a fellow template builder on the HFS forum. Together we formed RAWR-Designs. Our goal was to create better quality applications and templates for HFS.


  • Thunderchicken of Glory template
  • Terayon template
  • RAWR-Template
  • RAWR-Player
  • Live 3 template
  • and our very own Thumbnail and Preview Generator. Logo

We purchased a domain and hosted our own website to help support a growing forum community. 3 years have passed since active development, but there is still demand for our templates on the rejetto forum. Giant Eagle missed a renewal, the host has taken ownership of the domain. I’ve decided to add a mirror of the files on my personal website.

Hopefully people continue to enjoy HFS, and the templates we create for it.

WordPress 3.6, Read More Links Broken

My WordPress sites updated to 3.6 pretty smoothly.

Read More links for post excerpts are not being output by functions.php.

The fix is simple. Just change … to &hellip; in the filter.